Friday, May 20, 2011

Invites Progress

Not a lot of pictures to post but I thought I'd share with you how the invites are going. 
Jamie has become my little stamper and I've been the cutter. He's actually ridiculously fast at stamping and is now very proficient at using the Stamp-a-ma-jig! I chose to be the cutter and we've got a little assembly line going. He actually stamps and glues faster than I can cut! Here's the unassembled pieces of our invitation. 
Now I told you how we managed to make 24 invites so far, 20 of them being Vietnamese. Here's a picture of the 20 Vietnamese ones we made. I don't think the plain English ones will have that double happiness seal. It'll likely be our monogram because I made Jamie make 100 of those suckers!  

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Cynthia and Van Blog said...

Jamie looks so happy lol